Marg Lange,

Keynote Speaker, Connector Coach & Human Espresso Shot

Discover why the outdated networking practices of the past are about as effective as a dial up modem in today’s business environment, from Australia’s most vibrant keynote speaker on human connection.
Passionate delivery and strong impactful messaging, Marg had the audience resonating with the importance of authentic connection to get the lead.

Markeeta King
Insurance Adviser AG Insurance Services
Marg delivered new insights I hadn’t considered previously. I was genuinely surprised as I consider myself to be an accomplished networker. I’m now getting better leads as a result.

Martin Cattach
Working Capital Strategist Finance for Business
With high energy, Marg immediately grabbed our attention. She masterfully intertwined relatable personal and professional stories with common lead generation challenges. The audience was captivated as she demonstrated how to get the lead.

Lisa Moore
CEO Dandenong Chamber of Commerce

Hello, fellow human


At an elemental level, we are all just humans trying to connect. 

Stepping out from behind the algorithms, and into the real world, is not only more effective, it’s more enjoyable. 

There’s a reason most people say they hate networking. It’s all so fake. Let’s stop treating each other like walking wallets!

Empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness, mindfulness, adaptability, integrity, optimism, self-motivation, and resilience — these are the essential tools you need to navigate the modern-day business environment.

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Power Packed Presentations


All of Marg’s presentations are customized and personalized. From the top leadership to sales teams, Marg’s powerful passionate messages affect every audience at every meeting, regardless of size or industry.

In a world where change is rapid, trust has diminished and uncertainty reigns, Marg’s message is clear - Who do you have to become to win that trust for your future customer to feel safe to walk through your door?

Customers today are equipped with information and more in control so when all features and benefits are the same, what you stand for becomes your secret weapon.

Add a targeted relationship plan that aligns with the market’s value system and you now have discovered your competitive advantage. People buy you long before they buy your product or service so the ability to connect on BOTH personal and professional level is a MUST.



Most people dread delivering their own sales script. Being on the receiving end of one? Worse still. 

By trading your list of needs for active listening you are attuned to the pain points of others. Find a way to solve them and you’re more popular than a democracy sausage on voting day.


Showing up authentically in the world, positioning yourself as a leader in your field, and establishing Know, Like, Trust to build rapport and earn credibility draws people into your orbit. 

When you become a human lead magnet, the days of chasing the lead—and your tail!—are behind you.


If you have sensed a shift away from the soul-destroying networking practices of the past, and are willing to embrace a more vibrant, enjoyable and authentic pathway to creating real connections, you’re in the right place.

Discover how adopting a life-centric approach gives you the power to affect positive change in your business, build confidence, find meaning and thrive in an uncertain world.

Stop the world, I want to get off!


Have you ever felt like you just want it all to stop?

The never-ending to-do list, the constant demands, all those bloody notifications!

Marg’s keynote presentations provide a chance to do just that.

She encourages you to press pause on the ceaseless and fruitless lead generation strategies they currently have in place. Then, she shakes things up, daring you to consider the situation from a different perspective.


Authentic connections, big results


With wit and irreverent humour, Marg holds a mirror up to our behaviours, revealing the futility (and ridiculousness!) of our current lead generation tactics. 

Then, she lays out a comprehensive toolkit of simple-to-follow techniques which draw on our elemental human desire to meaningfully connect. 

Authentic connections lead to long-lasting relationships and big results.

About Marg


As a targeted lead generator, connector coach and keynote speaker, I guide you on how to cultivate their own intrinsic abilities to connect. What follows is personal and professional resilience, and the power to create meaningful results.

During a decades-long career, traversing the education, events and finance industries, a single innate skill has ensured my success: The ability to connect.

Whether I’m moving towards a clear goal, or navigating an unexpected obstacle, my ability to connect with people has invariably been the key to not only surviving, but thriving.

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